New Interview

Hi loveboats! I was recently featured in an interview with VoyageLA, where they highlighted my journey as a writer and my path towards creating my own community-based organization. My passion for writing began at a young age, despite my struggles with a learning disability. After graduating from the University of Redlands with dual degrees in Creative Writing and Women’s and Gender Studies, I moved to Long Beach where I began volunteering for various literary organizations. In 2013, I founded The Poetry Lab, a community space for poets and writers to collaborate and grow their skills.

At The Poetry Lab, we offer workshops, critique groups, and poetry classes led by visiting teaching artists. We place a strong emphasis on community building and prioritize the needs of our members. In addition, we provide programming and support for writers all over the world.

Since the pandemic, we have shifted to virtual sessions, allowing our members to participate from anywhere in the world. The virtual format has allowed us to expand our reach and strengthen our sense of community.

Keeping the dream of The Poetry Lab alive has tested my resilience and dedication to the work on a day to day basis. But creating within this space, helping writers to learn, grow, and heal from past traumas is a huge source of pride. There are countless friends and collaborators this organization has brought into my life and I am sincerely grateful for each and every one.

If you like the interview, or any of it resonates with you, please leave a comment on the VoyageLA page. I’d especially love to know if you’ve experienced any similar “luck”…