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Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry
Tebot Bach

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Advance praise for Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry from F. Douglas Brown:

“Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry is, like Rome, a collection of time, condensed space and history— a city of words on top of a city words, on top another. Like Romans, ancient and contemporary, dealing with harsh realities with wide-eyed honesty, Mitchell’s work reminds us: “there is ache & anger/ of blood & kingdom.” Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry does not leave us with ruins—what remains is hope and courage: “there’s nothing but darkness down there & if I survive I think I’ll like it.” What remains is a must read. “


A Futurist’s Dilemma  

Bomb, murderous thunderclap, ricochets off the coast & ignites you. Spring from the bed as the curtains groan, grab the dog & dive for the closet. As you wait for the white blast, call to check on your brother. He is the future you’ve been waiting for. Huddle beside the walking boots, duct tape, switchblade, mandarins, flashlight, toilet paper, liter fluid & maps of state parks marked with evacuation routes. Like a futurologist you have planned for this moment, measured the dead zones of the oceans & graphed income gaps. Your brother is the only one who understands. Nothing has come to devour you yet, but that doesn’t mean you are safe here. Your brother would say, keep moving. Your brother would say, the key to survival is mode. Even though you hear the engines revving, the B-1 flyover initiating the yearly Grand-Prix, everyone is in the chasm with you now. Call to check on your brother. He might say, your heart is contained like a theory. He might say, don’t worry, your apocalypse is on his way home.