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Good MeatTransom

Hollie Toups still ‘hears’ about her noodz | Transom

Not Wolf Poets Reading the News

Google Ghazal | Vinyl 

Interview with Girlhood Fears | Baltimore Review

Postcard from the Forever 21 Dressing Room | HOOT

Call Script for the Reporting of Bad & Erratic BehaviorPoets Reading the News

Interview QuestionsAnimal 

Essay on Early Twenties | The Leveler

TIME Magazine Bans the Word “Feminist”Nailed 

Alfie DarwoodNailed

Define GirlNailed


Revenge | Eleven Eleven

Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings | Eleven Eleven

Interview Questions | Eleven Eleven 

Merriam-Webster Defines a Slut | Eleven Eleven

Interview with Simba [Young Adult] | Sidekick

Disappearing Index | Sidekick

Knowledge (v.) | Cider Press Review

To Love a Marine | Cider Press Review 

Goggle Search Cento | Four Way Review

Bedroom Interview | Four Way Review

What I Mean When I Say CartwheelStirring 

The Worst Valley You Can ImagineMap Literary

Self Portrait with Duct Tape | Silver Birch Press

Dyslexia with Self PortraitCrack the Spine

Ghosting | Union Station Magazine 

Blue Aubade | Union Station Magazine 

Postcard to Mindy Kaling from the Parking Lot of In-‘N-Out BurgerFreeze Ray

Whale Fall | decomP

Imposter & Imposter | Connotation Press

Assembling the Brother | Connotation Press

Postcard from the House of Mirrors | Connotation Press

Encyclopedia EradicaCease, Cows

Year of the DigCease, Cows

Interview with Sister [Age 44] | Cadence Collective 

Line 432 | The Million-Line Poem sponsored by Tupelo Press

Fragments of a Lover | Mixed Fruit

First Christmas in Long Beach | Mixed Fruit 

Mr. Floppy, Winkie, Wilma, Winterfred and Roy | from dirtcakes

Learning | from Beggars and Cheeseburgers


7 Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing (Besides Submitting to Literary Journals and Contests) 

7 Ways for Women Writers to Make 2018 a Stronger, Kinder, More Kick-Ass Year

The Poet’s Revolt: A Brief Guide to the Prose Poem

Image in the World Around You

Poems in Print

“Troll” in apt, Issue 8

“Self-Portrait as Clickbait” in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 60

“A Brief History of Quark” in Uno Kudo, Volume 2

“The Futurists Dilemma,” “What We Mean When We Talk About Debt,” “Interview with Hypatia” in Exit 7, Spring 2016

“My Brother in the Future” and “Self-Portrait as A Small World” in Harpur Palate, Vol. 14 No. 2

“Imipramine – Inception” in Bellevue Literary Review, Vol. 15 No. 1


Accolades: A Women Who Submit Anthology | Jamii Publishing

Pop Art: An Anthology of Southern California Poetry | Mood Tide Press

Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of Two Idiots Peddling Poetry | Tebot Bach

Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity | Lucid Moose Lit

Cadence Collective: Year One | Sadie Girl Press

Self-Portrait Poetry Collection | Silver Birch Press

A Poet is a Poet No Matter How Tall: All Ages Poetry Anthology | For the Love of Words Press

Crack the Spine: Fall 2014 | Crack the Spine 

Writing Prompts

Prompt #12 | Poetry Super Highway

Elegy | The Poetry Lab

B is for Breakup | The Poetry Lab

Night Madness | The Poetry Lab

Categories | The Poetry Lab

Dangerous Animals | The Poetry Lab

Brawl Between Colors | The Poetry Lab

Restless and Elsewhere | The Poetry Lab

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