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Praise Song for the StilettoDrunk Monkeys

Good MeatTransom

Hollie Toups still ‘hears’ about her noodz | Transom

Not WolfPoets Reading the News

Google Ghazal | Vinyl 

Interview with Girlhood Fears | Baltimore Review

Postcard from the Forever 21 Dressing Room | HOOT

Call Script for the Reporting of Bad & Erratic BehaviorPoets Reading the News

Interview QuestionsAnimal 

Essay on Early Twenties | The Leveler

“Troll” | apt, Issue 8

TIME Magazine Bans the Word “Feminist”Nailed 

Alfie DarwoodNailed

Define GirlNailed


Revenge | Eleven Eleven

Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings | Eleven Eleven

Interview Questions | Eleven Eleven 

Merriam-Webster Defines a Slut | Eleven Eleven

Interview with Simba [Young Adult] | Sidekick

Disappearing Index | Sidekick

Knowledge (v.) | Cider Press Review

To Love a Marine | Cider Press Review 

Goggle Search Cento | Four Way Review

Bedroom Interview | Four Way Review

What I Mean When I Say CartwheelStirring 

The Worst Valley You Can ImagineMap Literary

Self Portrait with Duct Tape | Silver Birch Press

Dyslexia with Self PortraitCrack the Spine

Ghosting | Union Station Magazine 

Blue Aubade | Union Station Magazine 

Postcard to Mindy Kaling from the Parking Lot of In-‘N-Out BurgerFreeze Ray

Whale Fall | decomP

Imposter & Imposter | Connotation Press

Assembling the Brother | Connotation Press

Postcard from the House of Mirrors | Connotation Press

Encyclopedia EradicaCease, Cows

Year of the DigCease, Cows

Interview with Sister [Age 44] | Cadence Collective 

Line 432 | The Million-Line Poem sponsored by Tupelo Press

Fragments of a Lover | Mixed Fruit

First Christmas in Long Beach | Mixed Fruit 

Mr. Floppy, Winkie, Wilma, Winterfred and Roy | from dirtcakes

Learning | from Beggars and Cheeseburgers

Poems in Print


“Self-Portrait as Clickbait” in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 60

“A Brief History of Quark” in Uno Kudo, Volume 2

“The Futurists Dilemma,” “What We Mean When We Talk About Debt,” “Interview with Hypatia” in Exit 7, Spring 2016

“Dear Aurora Borealis,” “Dear Gravity,” and “Graphene Love Potion No. 9” in New Orleans Review 

“My Brother in the Future” and “Self-Portrait as A Small World” in Harpur Palate, Vol. 14 No. 2

“Imipramine – Inception” in Bellevue Literary Review, Vol. 15 No. 1


10 Books on Craft by Writers of Color

Be Cautious Before You Pay-to-Post 

7 Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing (Besides Submitting to Literary Journals and Contests) 

7 Ways for Women Writers to Make 2018 a Stronger, Kinder, More Kick-Ass Year

The Poet’s Revolt: A Brief Guide to the Prose Poem

Image in the World Around You


Accolades: A Women Who Submit Anthology | Jamii Publishing

Pop Art: An Anthology of Southern California Poetry | Mood Tide Press

Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of Two Idiots Peddling Poetry | Tebot Bach

Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity | Lucid Moose Lit

Cadence Collective: Year One | Sadie Girl Press

Self-Portrait Poetry Collection | Silver Birch Press

A Poet is a Poet No Matter How Tall: All Ages Poetry Anthology | For the Love of Words Press

Crack the Spine: Fall 2014 | Crack the Spine 

Writing Prompts

Prompt #12 | Poetry Super Highway

Elegy | The Poetry Lab

B is for Breakup | The Poetry Lab

Night Madness | The Poetry Lab

Categories | The Poetry Lab

Dangerous Animals | The Poetry Lab

Brawl Between Colors | The Poetry Lab

Restless and Elsewhere | The Poetry Lab

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