New Interview

I was interviewed by VoyageLA about The Poetry Lab, our origin story and evolution through the pandemic. We offer workshops, critique groups, and poetry classes led by visiting teaching artists. Check it out!

The Quantum of Everything

Oprah says she knows for sure speaking our truth is the most powerful tool we have. So everything is fine. The psychosis of whiteness is that it always places itself at the center. Jennifer Aniston changed shoes in bathroom & this made top news. Everything is fine. Last week I lost my job. It’s fine. My boyfriend says trade tariffs are increasing because of Trump’s terrible international relations, so the price of washers & dryers will go up. Everything is fine.

I’m Teaching at Hugo House this Spring!

Circle all that apply: A prose poem is a memo, a Molotov cocktail, a block of text that misbehaves, a bucket for your grief, a postcard from your love. In this course, we will explore craft, interrogate the canon, and give ourselves permission to play in paradox. Students can expect to generate at least four poems and receive peer feedback. Designed for folx new to prose poems, those with experience may also enjoy this in-depth look at structure, style, and scope.

The Morning Mashop

Catch me on the Morning Mashop!Tuesday, May 4, 2021 Today I was a guest on the Morning Mashop with Mimi Masher and Chadwick Bishop. I filled as guest host for my dear friend Philosophy while he was out in the world living his best life making that paper. Lucky for me, I got to interview…

Poem from the New Orleans Review

GRAPHENE LOVE POTION NO. 9 DANIELLE MITCHELL It’s time we won’t have. Because one through eight were wasted on lesser men. Last call bar flies & fragile marathoners, scientists addicted to the fourth dimension. Graphene doesn’t grow on trees, but it could be burned from them. The moment before the breakthrough my laboratory will be…

DIY MFA Poetry Summit

Cross sections of prose and poetry, community and craft. Podcast Interview went live today! Go listen now >>> Sign up for the Summit here. I had a great time chatting with Gabriela Pereira of DIY MFA for this year’s Poetry Summit. We talked about much more than just prose poetry, but that was the heartbeat…

“I grow green with hope”: on Reading The Tradition by Jericho Brown

The first book I read after AWP was Jericho Brown’s new collection, The Tradition.  Please is still (and will probably forever be) my favorite book by Jericho Brown, but The Tradition doesn’t disappoint. Jericho Brown’s poems are some of the “cleanest” I’ve ever read. By that I mean, his economy of language is excellent. Some…

Call Script for the Reporting of Bad & Erratic Behavior

It’s not wonderful that nearly a year and a half after the Parkland Shooting, there was been no movement on gun reform in our country. Back in February of 2018, this is the poem I wrote in response to the event and the tactless—not to mention meaningless—chorus of republican “thoughts and prayers.”  Call Script for…

10 Reasons You Should Love My Bitchy Resting Face

This is my face. You don’t have to like my face. Whether you like my face or not, it’s not for you to decide what I do with it. Therefore, this is my face when it’s just a face and I’m not feeling the pressure to please you with it. Have you ever said to a woman, “Aw, what’s the matter honey?” or “You’d be so pretty if you’d smile” or “Smile, beautiful”? Do you think this is something the woman you were speaking to wanted to hear? It wasn’t/

Making 2018 a Kinder and More Kick-Ass Year

Real talk: Someday, I want to be a household name. People will point at me and say “Hey, I know that mop!” “She’s my favorite microwave!” I want to be as useful to you as your Vitamix and your vibrator.  That’s the long term goal. For now, the goal is just to write more and get…