I’m Teaching at Hugo House this Spring!

General Registration opens today

Hi friends,
I’m super jazzed to bring my prose poetry course: Brick Box Paradox to Hugo House this Spring. The class will be taught online via Zoom beginning May 2nd.

Circle all that apply: A prose poem is a memo, a Molotov cocktail, a block of text that misbehaves, a bucket for your grief, a postcard from your love. In this course, we will explore craft, interrogate the canon, and give ourselves permission to play in paradox. Students can expect to generate at least four poems and receive peer feedback. Designed for folx new to prose poems, those with experience may also enjoy this in-depth look at structure, style, and scope.

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm PDT via Zoom. All genre writers are welcome!

In this course we will:

  1. Learn the history of the prose poem and trace it’s evolution through Modernism into the present day.
  2. Examine common and uncommon craft techniques.
  3. Open the door. Walk through.

All the while we will be creating our own prose poems, memos, lists, postcards, time-lapses, ephemera, haibuns, and maybe even a contrapuntal or two.

The final night of class is devoted to sharing newly crafted work, celebrating ourselves and each other and discussing new futures now that we have given ourselves permission to answer that age-old question: WHAT IS A PROSE POEM THO?

Here’s the registration link one more time:

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