Black River Finalist

It’s been a hot, quiet summer…is that ever a good sign? Maybe it is! In August my chapbook manuscript was a finalist for the Black River Chapbook Contest. Here is the full announcement on the Black Lawrence Press website. Huge congratulations to the winner, Megan Privitello. It’s thrilling to come so close to winning a prize like that,…

“I had the happy idea that somewhere a child was being born who was nothing like Helen or Jesus except in the sense of changing everything.”  -Mary Szybist “Happy Ideas” from Incarnadine

Scenes from my Instagram

Books and cake. Poets and campfires, oh my! My Instagram is not public, send me a message in the comments if you want me to follow you/follow me/stuff like that/ok I think you get it/hashtag!? Read my most recently published poem, here: Stirring “What I Mean When I Say Cartwheel” What’s on your reading list…

“The world is wrong. You can’t put the past behind you. It’s buried in you; it’s turned your flesh into its own cupboard.”  -Claudia Rankine from Citizen

“oh sweet sick, I want to kiss you all over your red velvet mouth, speak all your names back into you: hot pink undertaker…”  -Danez Smith “To My Grandfather’s Prostate Cancer” from [insert] boy

“She’s the wrong woman, she’s a car wreck in a silk dress and he can’t wait to touch her.” -Kim Addonizio “‘Round Midnight” from What is This Thing Called Love

Bringing Mahogany L. Browne to Long Beach

I love that The Poetry Lab gives me the opportunity to work with poets from all over the country from a diverse range of backgrounds. This week I’m excited to introduce Mahogany L. Browne to Long Beach! The workshop is open to the public. Register in advance online, or bring $25 night of. All levels of experience welcome….

Bellevue Literary Review Houses Poems We Can’t Refuse

Friends and readers, I’m so excited to show you the new issue of Bellevue Literary Review that makes a home for poems on health and wellness, including my triptych “Imipramine — Inception” a sort of catalog of anxiety vignettes weaved together with moments from the popular 2010 movie Inception. I was honored to be finalist for the…

Reblog | The Contract by Jericho Brown

Can we not be a series of kindnesses to each other? This short love letter from Jericho Brown says we can. It says we already are. For National Poetry Month, or just because: The Contract by Jericho Brown on Harriet the Blog from The Poetry Foundation

“Now I watch the dumb machine Of your body loving With the loveless wedge of you That made me.” -Tracy K. Smith from “Shadow Poem,” The Body’s Question

Gearing Up for 30/30 #NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month is only a few weeks away! This year I’m planning on tackling the Poem-a-Day beast with my best friend and poet Victoria Lynne McCoy. I won’t be posting any new drafts online, but I will be collecting inspiration, prompts, and ephemera from around the internet (and IRL) to share whenever possible. V…

3 Literary Journals to Subscribe to in 2015

I’m thrilled to announce I have poems forthcoming in three awesome literary journals: Bellevue Literary Review, New Orleans Review, and Harpur Palate.  Soon to be released in print, these journals are beautifully designed. And I have good reason to believe the insides are as good as the outsides. Like a jawbreaker that opens up to…