New Poems in Eleven Eleven, Sidekick, and Cider Press Review


Took a looooong hiatus during the holidays in which I wasn’t a great literary or social media citizen, but in which I did eat a lot of pumpkin pie–so, no, not sorry–but glad to be back! And with things to share…

Poems from my new WIP were published last week by Eleven Eleven. I’ll just say it: I love this journal. They are so professional, thorough, and important to the literary landscape (can’t even count how many amazing people I admire that they’ve published). It’s really heart-stopping to see my work there. So if you’re at all curious what the territory of my new manuscript is, please read one or all of these poems. [Revenge, Interview Questions, Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings, Merriam-Webster Defines a Slut]

I’m also stoked on poems that have been published since Thanksgiving in these awesome journals Sidekick & Cider Press Review. [Disappearing Index, Interview with Simba [Young Adult] and Knowledge]

For realz, ^^^ a poem inspired by The Lion King

Thanks to Ruth Foley, Andrew Collard, and Hugh Behm-Steinberg for being hardworking editors.