New Interview

I was interviewed by VoyageLA about The Poetry Lab, our origin story and evolution through the pandemic. We offer workshops, critique groups, and poetry classes led by visiting teaching artists. Check it out!

The Quantum of Everything

Oprah says she knows for sure speaking our truth is the most powerful tool we have. So everything is fine. The psychosis of whiteness is that it always places itself at the center. Jennifer Aniston changed shoes in bathroom & this made top news. Everything is fine. Last week I lost my job. It’s fine. My boyfriend says trade tariffs are increasing because of Trump’s terrible international relations, so the price of washers & dryers will go up. Everything is fine.

‘Wake, Pray, Slay’ and Other Things We Learn from Instagram

Spending too much time on Instagram lately? ME TOO.  But let’s not beat ourselves up about it. There’s a lot we can learn from Instagram, like how to love ourselves better, how to express solidarity, and where to find decent lingerie.  Sometimes we peek into our friends lives and see something beautiful, or messy, or…

New Poetry Suite in Nailed Magazine

NAILED was awesome enough to select a suite of my poems for a feature in December. Included in the suite are: “Define Girl,” “TIME Magazine Bans the Words Feminist,” “Alfie Darwood,” and the short piece below, “” See it all here. A special thanks to their hard working editorial staff, especially Carrie Seitzinger! like the shape in…

Page Addiction Strikes Again

I’m a sucker for a good poetry book. Last week, I told myself that I could order as many books as I knocked off my reading list last month. Eight books? Well, as I blogged about the other day, yes, I’ve been going through books like a mad woman in the attic. It feels good…