Let’s Be Weird Together at the Poetry Circus

It’s pretty much guaranteed: you invite me to read poetry at your event, I will make it as awkward as possible.  I’m not saying the poetry isn’t good! I’m not saying the audience isn’t entertained (horrified).  All I’m saying is the photos are gonna be accidentally-dropping-your-cell-phone-on-your-face level awkward (you know who you are). Because I…

Bringing Mahogany L. Browne to Long Beach

I love that The Poetry Lab gives me the opportunity to work with poets from all over the country from a diverse range of backgrounds. This week I’m excited to introduce Mahogany L. Browne to Long Beach! The workshop is open to the public. Register in advance online, or bring $25 night of. All levels of experience welcome….

Highlights from Stranded Artist

Once a year The Poetry Lab invites a poet to visit Long Beach for a one-day residency called Stranded Artist. They teach a workshop during the day and give a poetry reading at night. This year we were thrilled to have the dynamic duo of F. Douglas Brown and Geffrey Davis. Here are some photos…

Highlights from the Long Beach Poetry Festival

They should call it the Long Beach Poetry Marathon, as that’s what it seems when you walk in and encounter nothing but a stage, a gaggle of chairs, and a day’s long list of poets. But the Long Beach Poetry Festival, doesn’t feel like a race, or a competition. The day goes by like a breeze….