This Week I Love

Here are the links to the things I love this week. Enjoy!

These three books of prose poems have me in a state of bliss.

You Good Thing by Dara Wier (technically, not prose poems but with longer lines these sonnets feel like prose poems in their composition)

The World Doesn’t End by Charles Simic

But Our Princess is in Another Castle by BJ Best

There was also an article on prose poems on The Believer  by Sarah Manguso called “Why the Reader of Prose Poems is Never Sad”

It’s citrus season & I’m obsessed. Mandarins are my favorite, but we have these gorgeous organic navel oranges at the house today.

Kind Bars Coconut Almond is my favorite! Almond & Apricot is also delicious! I found them at Fresh & Easy for $1.79, which is the cheapest I’ve seen, but you can also buy them online. Yum!

The Avett Brothers are bonafide poets with the voices of gritty angels. I love these men!