Bellevue Literary Review Houses Poems We Can’t Refuse

Friends and readers, I’m so excited to show you the new issue of Bellevue Literary Review that makes a home for poems on health and wellness, including my triptych “Imipramine — Inception” a sort of catalog of anxiety vignettes weaved together with moments from the popular 2010 movie Inception. I was honored to be finalist for the…

Reblog | The Contract by Jericho Brown

Can we not be a series of kindnesses to each other? This short love letter from Jericho Brown says we can. It says we already are. For National Poetry Month, or just because: The Contract by Jericho Brown on Harriet the Blog from The Poetry Foundation

“Now I watch the dumb machine Of your body loving With the loveless wedge of you That made me.” -Tracy K. Smith from “Shadow Poem,” The Body’s Question

Gearing Up for 30/30 #NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month is only a few weeks away! This year I’m planning on tackling the Poem-a-Day beast with my best friend and poet Victoria Lynne McCoy. I won’t be posting any new drafts online, but I will be collecting inspiration, prompts, and ephemera from around the internet (and IRL) to share whenever possible. V…

Mini-Lesson on the Haibun

Plus! 3 Great Literary Journals to Subscribe to in 2015 I’m thrilled to announce I have poems forthcoming in three awesome literary journals: Bellevue Literary Review, New Orleans Review, and Harpur Palate.  Soon to be released in print, these journals are beautifully designed. And I have good reason to believe the insides are as good…

Four Chambers Press Makes it’s Literary Debut and it is Awesome

Look at these beauties! I was excited to be included in the first issue of Four Chambers, yes, but that didn’t encapsulate the awe of holding it in my hands. This is one of the most nicely made journals I’ve ever seen. I know that other fine print journals did not look this good for their…

Highlights from Stranded Artist

Once a year The Poetry Lab invites a poet to visit Long Beach for a one-day residency called Stranded Artist. They teach a workshop during the day and give a poetry reading at night. This year we were thrilled to have the dynamic duo of F. Douglas Brown and Geffrey Davis. Here are some photos…

“Sweet oil, the white of eggs, mustard and water soapsuds and stomach pumps rescue the people one knows.”  -Ernest Hemingway from the prose poem, Montparnasse

Highlights from the Long Beach Poetry Festival

They should call it the Long Beach Poetry Marathon, as that’s what it seems when you walk in and encounter nothing but a stage, a gaggle of chairs, and a day’s long list of poets. But the Long Beach Poetry Festival, doesn’t feel like a race, or a competition. The day goes by like a breeze….

. “…until her teeth were only accidental stars…”  -T.S. Eliot from Hysteria

Page Addiction Strikes Again

I’m a sucker for a good poetry book. Last week, I told myself that I could order as many books as I knocked off my reading list last month. Eight books? Well, as I blogged about the other day, yes, I’ve been going through books like a mad woman in the attic. It feels good…

. “Everything that you do and every word that you write has to be a risk. You have to not be afraid. You have to keep reinventing your writing.”  -Victoria Chang from Interview with Hyphen Magazine