Four Chambers Press Makes it’s Literary Debut and it is Awesome

four chambers press

Look at these beauties! I was excited to be included in the first issue of Four Chambers, yes, but that didn’t encapsulate the awe of holding it in my hands. This is one of the most nicely made journals I’ve ever seen. I know that other fine print journals did not look this good for their first issue! And the second issue (pictured on the left) is even more lovely than the first. 

It’s one thing to arrive in a poetry scene and quickly realize there’s a deep well of talent there, but it’s another to add to that pool with a project such as this. This is the case for Four Chambers’ editor-in-chief Jake Friedman. You can learn more about the history of the magazine here. How admirable that Jake is using his powers for good, showcasing the talent of Phoenix area poets. So kudos to Jake and his team for all their hard work. 


Rated No. 67 on the Phoenix New Times Top 100 Creatives list. 

Here’s another newspaper write up on Four Chambers, this one in the Downtown Devil discussing the making of the second issue. 

The Phoenix New Times also named Four Chambers the Best Literary Journal in 2014!

And here’s something even more exciting. Four Chambers’ call for submissions for Issue 3 is open now through November 28th. Here’s the flyer. Visit their website for more information

You can also purchase your copy of issues 1 & 2 on their website here. These first 2 issues will not only beautify your bookshelf, they will give you a sense of Four Chambers’ aesthetic and help you decide which poems to submit.