Bellevue Literary Review Houses Poems We Can’t Refuse

Friends and readers, I’m so excited to show you the new issue of Bellevue Literary Review that makes a home for poems on health and wellness, including my triptych “Imipramine — Inception” a sort of catalog of anxiety vignettes weaved together with moments from the popular 2010 movie Inception. I was honored to be finalist for the annual Bellevue contest, the Marcia and Jan Vilcek prize, and so happy to see my poems beside pieces of such strength and value like the winning poetry piece by Hannah Baggott, “Dysesthesia.”

This is a really cool magazine with a great message: “A journal of humanity and the human experience”–who doesn’t need more of that in their life? You can subscribe or order a individual copy here. 

Extra points if the cover matches your manicure!?

Thank you for your readership, for your feedback and continued support. In the intense and beautiful words of Jericho Brown:

“Ultimately, you believe in me because you trust that I’ll offer my poems to eternity and my actions to what poems can do right now.

And I believe in you because I trust that you will do the same. You will write poems that you can’t refuse.”

Here we are saying yes to each other. 


Always in poetry,