Prose Poems in Connotation Press

Spring is in the 90-degree-air in here in Southern California and I’m happy to have three prose poems from my current work in progress published by Connotation Press! Editor-in-Chief, Ken Robidoux, introduces my work saying:

I’m thrilled to have three stunning prose poems from our friend Danielle Mitchell, who has done very well since working as our first Intern here at Connotation Press back in 2009. Her work knocked my socks off. I recommend reading all of them, then starting over and reading them all over again because, for me at least, I got deeper into the poems the more I read. The stacked images, the firm command of shifting time, and the thought-provoking insights left me impressed and looking forward to more. I’m excited about Danielle’s very promising poetry career.

You can read the poems here. And while you’re there, check out the other great poets I’ve been published with this month!


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  1. Wow, Danielle–these prose poems are amazing! Congratulations on having them published at Connotation Press.

    I also just read “Interview with Sister [Age 44]” at Cadence Collective. AMAZING also!

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