10 Reasons You Should Love My Bitchy Resting Face

This is my face. You don’t have to like my face. Whether you like my face or not, it’s not for you to decide what I do with it. Therefore, this is my face when it’s just a face and I’m not feeling the pressure to please you with it. Have you ever said to a woman, “Aw, what’s the matter honey?” or “You’d be so pretty if you’d smile” or “Smile, beautiful”? Do you think this is something the woman you were speaking to wanted to hear? It wasn’t/

‘Wake, Pray, Slay’ and Other Things We Learn from Instagram

Spending too much time on Instagram lately? ME TOO.  But let’s not beat ourselves up about it. There’s a lot we can learn from Instagram, like how to love ourselves better, how to express solidarity, and where to find decent lingerie.  Sometimes we peek into our friends lives and see something beautiful, or messy, or…