The Sealey Challenge


Follow along on IG @imaginarydani. I’ll be posting all the books I read and reactions in my Stories.

Day 1

Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky

Day 2

Cease by Beth Bachmann

“whether or not we know how to kill holy mercy we know how to bleed”

– from “shame”

Day 3

boy/girl/ghost by torrin a. greathouse

“a burning photograph

translates to noisy ghost / so it’s no wonder we never slept

made gardens from the violets beneath our eyes / woke up with bruises

we didn’t remember”

from “Wind-Chime Aria for Four Hands”

Day 4

Much to my disappointment, the book I tried to read on day four had extremely misogynistic undertones and I do not find it worthy of recommending. Instead, here is a link to the Supermajority. Consider reading about this new organization that promotes the power of women instead of a published in 2018 that depicts women begging “pretty please” before they get down on their knees and open their mouths. [insert rage face]


Day 5

Back to beauty!

All Its Charms by Keetje Kuipers

“Beyond my frosted
windshield were the animals, and beyond

the animals: silence, baled hay like spools
of thread scattered by a careless hand. In 
the next season I would become just one 
more hillside of purple velch, unwanted”

from “Becoming” 

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