Updates in the Office

Last summer I shared my favorite details of the office in our apartment. We’ve since added some pieces, the biggest of which was a new bookshelf to house my poetry books (which is already full!) As I gently hint to my boyfriend that we need another bookcase (maybe a whole other room for the books?) please enjoy these photos from the office for two! 

Rhett Johnson

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to organize my books alphabetically. They used to be be organized using the “cocktail party method” i.e., who would want to hang out with whom if my books were real people at my cocktail party…

That was fun, but the party turned into a rager and after while I couldn’t find anybody. The new method, while typical, does sorta make me feel like a librarian and I’m o.k. with that. 

Notice the hidden Birchbox on the second shelf. My love affair with beauty product samples may not last forever, but right nowI’ll say it: I HEART BIRCHBOX! That is February’s box under the orange “Z” bookend, which was a #HomeGoods find. My love of Birchbox may only be seconded by my Home Goods love. Although, the Vintage shops of Long Beach are really high up there on the I-hearts-it-o-meter. 

The next biggest thing to change in the office is the addition of our Rhett Johnson painting. I bought this piece from the WE Show exhibit at WE Labs. Rhett is a badass Long Beach artist. His work has been on display in WE Labs since the co-work space first opened in 2012. I decided to bring an original piece of WE Labs home with me because it reminds me of my friend Markus, founder of WE Labs and all-around amazing person, who passed away last year. Whenever I look at this crazy baby beastie it reminds me to lighten up, life ain’t so bad! 

On the original bookcases with glass bottom shelves that flank our co-work desk is in a handmade journal that a friend of mine made for me. Yay for book arts ( and Thank you, Alejandro!)

Beyond that, I’ve decided to fill empty wall space by hanging clip boards. Each board has notes on different work-in-progress projects or research I’m gathering. These are directly behind where I sit so I can reach back and grab them at any time. It’s a slightly fancier version of my college days fix, which was taping poems to my wall as I revised them. I’ve also hung up a few of my favorite book-themed shopper bags, which also come in handy when I need to stow a few poetry books for a lesson or day writing outside the house. I’ve always thought that functional design is the best kind. And since we can’t paint our walls in this place, I’ve tried to be as creative as possible when it comes to filling that blank white space. Poets. White space. Get it!? 

Hidden Birch Box! Brushes and PensRhett Johnson Art + Books Handmade journal #bookarts WIP Storage Book Bags: AWP14Book bags: Strand NYC