Submit Like a Girl

COTTON CANDYLucid Moose Lit, the Long Beach based poetry press founded by  Poetry Lab members Sarah Thursday and Nancy Lynee Woo, is seeking submissions for their second poetry anthology titled: Like A Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity and Development. Details below. 

We are currently accepting works of poetry, prose and visual art for inclusion in an anthology to be called Like A Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity and Development. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this topic. Here are some prompts to get you thinking, but please do not feel limited to answer only these questions. Send us whatever you feel fits within this topic.

What is feminine identity?
How do we develop a sense of female identity?
How does society affect this development process?
How do we think about ourselves as women or girls?
Why is being called a girl an insult to men?
How are boys and men taught to think about girls?
What was your boyhood like in relationship to your peers’ girlhood?
Who has a feminine identity?
What role does femininity play in LGBTQ and transgender communities?
What does being compared to a girl mean?

Deadline is December 1st!