Shut up, Meatball Face, I love you

 Circle with MeatballsNote to Self:

1) Next time you are feeling down, go to Cafe Ambrosia and order the Keftedes (Greek Meatballs in tomato sauce with pita bread).

2) Also get an order of Skordalia. Because that much garlic will either kill you, or do you good.

3) Then, accidentally read this poem by Victoria Chang:


I know you must think
that I am the only thing

that belongs solely to you
and when I die, I will

disappear with you–my
skin, muscle, nerves,

vessels, galloping to keep
up with your last breath,

for I am slower to go,
like cells of muscle and

bone. But there is no
need to worry about me.

You cannot know how
wrong you are. Look

around in the streets–
a girl’s nose mimics mine,

and a young boy’s lips
also frown like a severed

stalk, thirsty for sun.
Long after you die, I will

still live everywhere,
erupting from the soil

each year, part here, part
there, and my grin will ever last

somewhere in someone.

4) Breathe. Maybe, eat more.
Don’t worry, I love you.


"Face" from Circle (Southern Illinois University Press, 2005). Victoria Chang.