I Like You a Latte

I wonder if it’s true, but it seems like these days we’re more well read than ever before. My partner and I have long talks about a wide variety of topics on a daily basis. We don’t watch the news, but we both read it. Maybe it’s that there are so many ways to get the news. I use Flipboard to collect articles that are recommended to me by friends through blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. I also let Flipboard collect stories for me, I follow outlets like The Rumpus, Poetry Foundation and The New Yorker. My partner reads the front page of Yahoo News every day. But neither of us have read Moby Dick. (That’s been weighing on me lately). So maybe we’re not more well read, just faster read–more concerned with ourselves than the fate of a big old whale. 

 Anyway, here are a sample of the articles I read lately that got me thinking:

Real Life Latte
Pictured: My honey vanilla latte from Yellow Vase in Palos Verdes. It’s going to take more than an Op-Ed to get me to stop drinking them.

I Like You a Latte

As someone living with chronic anxiety, I’m easily fascinated by people who epically over-think things. I posted this NY Times Op-Ed on Facebook and got several mean-mouthed replies to the tune of “you’ll never take my latte alive!” …I just thought, kudos to Anna North (whoever you are) for taking coffee-talk to a whole new level. 

Creative Peoples Unite

Here’s a fun list you may have missed on Buzzfeed, 37 Books Every Creative Person Should be Reading. I’m happy to say I have read a few of them. Next, I’d like to see a list of the 37 books every creative person should be coloring (the crayon-illustrated Moby Dick?). 

Bird is the New Black 

Maybe all dinosaurs had feathers? So, post-childhood paleontologists decided that our “clever girls”  actually had feathers. NOW, they’re saying that more than likely all dinosaurs had feathers of some kind or another. A point which only makes the gigantic brown pelicans that fly along the So Cal coast even COOLER! 

Don’t Go to Uranus Alone

Listen to the sounds of space via electromagnetic waves. As they mention on The Daily Epic…it’s CREEPY. 


Even scarier than what’s out there. Is what has happened here: California is facing the worst drought on record. I feel the bad is yet to come. Everyone in my family is praying for rain. This weekend instead of decent rainfall there was a short thunderstorm that electrocuted some poor folks on Venice Beach! Ouch! Soon we’re going to be needing those giant blocks of ice Seth MacFarlane had in A Million Ways to Die in the West. This gif is from gizmodo.com, designed to show just how bad things are. This is Folsom Lake is 2011 and in 2014. Just looking at it makes me thirsty. 

from gizmodo.com

Just Eat It!

Nobody saw it coming, not even Weird Al: he’s made a come-back! I liked this parody of “Royals” even though I could only stand to watch it for about 30 seconds.