Office for Two

Last November, I moved in with my partner. Now there’s one room in the house where we congregate to perform critical thinking and watch cat videos. We decided to create a co-work space out of the giant desk I already had so we could sit there together and pretend we’re characters from The Office. (I’ve always wanted to call a staff meeting.)

When envisioning the room, I knew I’d need lots of book space, and I’ve already outgrown the shelves we have (thanks, AWP Bookfair). We also needed to sport his collectibles (Superman clock) and my original Leigh White paintings. The rest of the items I’ve gathered from a variety of sources.

I thought it would be fun to share this space on the ol’ blog here. I’m always interested to see what the work spaces of artists and writers look like. I’ve written and revised many poems in this office, it’s a nice place to spend a Saturday morning.

If you’re reading this, post some pics of your creative space and link it in the comments…I’d love to see it!

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