Because, Thai food

poetryofdanielle.comAt brunch the other afternoon my significant other snapped this photo of me. I had no idea my voodoo eyes matched the booth. It’s both cool and strange (not photoshopped!) Maybe I’ll use it as an accidental bio photo.

I mean, all I was really thinking is: man, I can’t wait to eat some Thai food! [all this]

I have a new poem published today and poems at three more journals expected out this summer. On the rejection front, I’m really winning. I’ve got “we read your work with interest” and “hey, we pass on this but submit again some time” along with the ever glorious “it doesn’t fit this issue” –which is my least favorite of rejections ever because it makes you feel like you’re going dateless to the prom. Is there hope for my poem? Should I dump it and start again? This tells me nothing! I rather know I suck.

It’s almost June, yikes. This summer I’m hoping for a camping trip and a visit to my good friend in Portland who is now a lawyer! Lots of time devoted to revising my manuscript, which is proudly hidden beneath my desk at the moment. I’m a little afraid of the fact the first draft is done (about 70 pages) and it’s time to send to some trusted readers for feedback. [insert nervous Peter Griffin laugh]. 

This week I’m reading Jamaal May’s Hum (Alice James, 2013) and finishing up Jeffrey Skinner’s memoiristic The 6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets (Sarabande, 2012). I’m also making finishing touches on the new Poetry Lab website, which we are launching at the beginning of the month. I read an interesting article on Patricia Lockwood this morning, and am sending out good vibes to the sweet soul of Maya Angelou who passed on today at the age of 86, may she rest in peace. 

I’m not used to posting things on the ol’ blog here unless I have something relevant to say, so: I ATE A PICKLE FOR LUNCH. There, that feels better.