Bananas are always the first to go
followed by pears, avocados, and
peaches. Strawberries never
had a chance they are half dead
when you buy them. Apples
are the roaches of fruitdom.
This is the end of the world.

When the androgynous
seed-bearing organisms
arrived on earth
an assemblage of world leaders
gathered on the far side of the moon
to hold intergalactic conference. None
of them made it back alive. Mangoes
are vicious liars.

Even as our country mourned
Barrack Obama, the invaders sent
probes to supplant the seeds
of men, disguised
as hybrids—pluots and tangelos.

After that, seedless things
began to fade—some watermelons
had to die. All reports read:
we are under invisible, non-
threatening attack. What is
is the color on the terror meter
for produce?

But it was serious, mothers
lost sons who ignored plants
for weeds. Daughters joined
the resistance, but tomatoes
are fruit too. The color of bright
young blood. Crops failed. Pineapples
in Hawaii, cherries in Washington
State. Hard-shelled coconuts outlasted
most other things along with
republicans, anti-Semites, and
ex-Enron executives. The things

with hearts—how we put our faith
in them before the end. Artichokes
and palms. Soon the world was prunes,
cockroaches, and Spam.

Orange groves spread out
like tract houses. Church
parking lots transcended to pumpkin
patches. Sun-ripened blueberries
and nectarines composed
symphonies so sweet the cantaloupes
cried sticky melon tears.

This went on for years. The fruit
didn’t miss us. The fruit didn’t need
us to show them godliness or grace.
To tell them what was forbidden—
what difference would it make?
We are in the habit of
waiting until things go bad.
by Danielle Mitchell
(c) 2010

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaimes Palacio says:

    Excellent, as always 🙂

  2. Oh hell yes. Sharing this.

  3. LOVE!

    The surprises in this poem are marvelous–especially in the ending. Fully worthy of “sticky melon tears,” “[b]ut it was serious”!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It’s an older poem of mine, but have always adored its weirdness! I felt I should post it to give context to the haiku battle that I posted today. (http://litnivorous.com/2013/02/20/haiku-battle/) It’s sure to make you laugh!

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